Good day!

My name is Ginette Paradis; I am a woman of faith, nurturing wife and mother of two grown children.
My passion is to gently guide you to embody the best version of yourself. Through emotional detox work & yoga wellness sessions I guide people to liberation from negative internal chatter. This leaves my clients energized and well equipped to positively impact this complex world.
By releasing emotional blocks, you are able to start living life from a place where stress and anxieties are no longer in control.


I began working out of my own personal wounds in 2006; a journey through emotional detoxing that eventually allowed me to emerge as my authentic self.
Since then I’ve been professionally assisting clients in managing stress and building healthier relationships with themselves & the world around them.
I believe that everyone has the potential to serve the world from a place of peace and together we safely open the door to begin that journey.


  • Beyond Infinity-Conscious Awareness Training- 2006
  • Personal Trainer Certification- 2006
  • 200hr Yoga Certification- 2006
  • Yoga 4 Kids Training- 2008
  • Touch for Health I-IV (Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology)- 2008
  • Reiki Level 1- 2008
  • Restorative Yoga 30hr Training- 2012
  • Advanced Sports Nutrition Diploma- 2014
  • Zoe Leadership Certification- 2016
  • Therapeutic Art Diploma- 2017
  • Revelation Wellness Instructor Certification- 2020

Core Values: Honesty & Generosity

Fun Facts!

  • My two favourite places in Canada are Powder King & Crescent Beach
  • I’ve been inside a Louisiana State Penitentiary cell (for mission work)
  • I use up a bulk pack of highlighters yearly, marking up books I read
  • My two favourite pastimes are kayaking & downhill skiing
  • I LOVE candy! Fun dip, Nerds & Gobstoppers just to name a few
  • In another life, I would pursue a career as a Naturopathic Doctor

Emotional Detox Sessions

Gentle yet powerful. Using breath work & affirmation these sessions clear emotional blocks and propel you forward with fresh energy & better perspective.

(appointments available via zoom)

Yoga Wellness Classes

Yoga is a powerful tool. Emphasizing deep breathing and conscious relaxation activates the parasympathetic system which promotes rest & renews functions.

(flexible online schedule)

Ginette’s Philosophy

Renewed energy and personal fulfillment are achieved by gently detoxifying the emotional body.
Cleansing the emotional body is key for physical healing to take place effortlessly.

What People Are Saying

“Ginette you are the best yoga instructor I have ever had. I have tried a few but you were by far the best. You tested my abilities! It was a lot of fun learning from you! Merci Ginette for just being you!!!


Donnelly, AB

“I thoroughly enjoyed my private wellness sessions, I felt much calmer and more centered, able to put my issues into perspective. I am able to focus on what makes me feel healthier. Helping people to better help themselves and thus the world in general is a gift – you Ginette are a gift. Thank you!”


Guy, Alberta

“Ginette teaches from the heart with a wealth of knowledge. Her impact on my life is positive and healing.”


Kelowna, BC

“It was the first time I took a series of classes and loved it! Ginette is friendly, competent and professional. I was amazed at the impact my practice had on my general well-being. Every session left me feeling positive and energizzed. I would continue learning from Ginette in a heartbeat!


Guy, Alberta

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“Ginette has helped me tremendously over the years. Through Mind-Body Connection Coaching she was able to show me how to let go and deal with my difficult emotions. She guided me through affirmations that I could continue to use at home to help me through the healing process. Her use of muscle testing is amazingly accurate! Her vast knowledge of supplements has also helped me heal from several issues the pharmaceutical field could not move me forward with. She is kind, gentle and truly cares about your well-being. I woud recommend her to anyone who is looking to better their lives emotionally, mentally & physically.

Sincerely; Michelle

Falher, Alberta

“Ginette is a nurturing, patient, generous person and teacher who inspired me to better myself. No matter what level of training you have, she maintains a consistent high level of spirit and attention in her teaching. You are amazing at the work you do!


Guy, Alberta